Category: Chevrolet

Pinky Chev

Spotter: My 10 year old… again

Location: Punt Road, Melbourne.

It’s pink…

55 Chevy

Spotter: Gordon

Location: Was Texas; is now LA

The epitome of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Nuf said.

57 Chevy

Spotter: Robbie

Location: I wish it was my driveway

And isn’t she the bomb! The only possible improvement would converting to RHD – otherwise the perfect car.

69 Camaro

1969 Chevy Camaro For Sale

El Presidente cresta de la ola con estilo en el Impala 68!

Spotter: Astrid

Location: A country that Australia no longer has extradition treaties with.

El Presidente spotted in his Chevy Impala.

ANOCSC Club run in Olympia, USA

Spotter: Eric

This Chevy doesn’t have nearly enough stone chips in the bonnet to be a true ANOCSC car. But the fact that they came along for the ride anyway goes a long way in our books. In fact, anything coupe is always very cool regardless of the state of the car.

ANOCSC Club run in Olympia, USA

Spotter: Molly

These guys were so excited about joining the ANOCSC Olympia club run, they camped out overnight. We love the “right hand turn” logo hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Belair Coupe


Location: Echuca

I love this car. I want one.

55 Chev with matching doggy trailer

Even the dog looks cool in this get-up