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55 Chevy

chev55westbrunswickSpotter: Spiro

Location: West Brunswick

The Chevy or the oily bike? Just cannot decide…


Very Trim 59 Chevy – Garry Blackman Trimming

Spotter: Jack

Location: Garry Blackman Trimming

ANOCSC trim guru Jack tells us Garry Blackman Trimming in Richmond is THE place to go for all your trimming needs. Just look at Garry’s car if you need any convincing.

A Perfect Wedding Car – 57 Chevy

Spotter: Aaron

Location: East Melbourne

A wedding. A white dress. A great set of hood ornaments. The bride looked pretty sensational too.

Pinky Chev

Spotter: My 10 year old… again

Location: Punt Road, Melbourne.

It’s pink…

55 Chevy

Spotter: Gordon

Location: Was Texas; is now LA

The epitome of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Nuf said.

57 Chevy

Spotter: Robbie

Location: I wish it was my driveway

And isn’t she the bomb! The only possible improvement would converting to RHD – otherwise the perfect car.

69 Camaro

1969 Chevy Camaro For Sale

El Presidente cresta de la ola con estilo en el Impala 68!

Spotter: Astrid

Location: A country that Australia no longer has extradition treaties with.

El Presidente spotted in his Chevy Impala.

ANOCSC Club run in Olympia, USA

Spotter: Eric

This Chevy doesn’t have nearly enough stone chips in the bonnet to be a true ANOCSC car. But the fact that they came along for the ride anyway goes a long way in our books. In fact, anything coupe is always very cool regardless of the state of the car.

ANOCSC Club run in Olympia, USA

Spotter: Molly

These guys were so excited about joining the ANOCSC Olympia club run, they camped out overnight. We love the “right hand turn” logo hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Belair Coupe


Location: Echuca

I love this car. I want one.

55 Chev with matching doggy trailer

Even the dog looks cool in this get-up