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Chevy Biscayne – So Much To Take In

The devil really is in the details of this Biscayne

The devil really is in the details of this Biscayne

Chevy Biscayne. So low. So wide. So low. So much chrome. So low. So much to love.

57 Chevy


57 Chevy. Sexy as hell.

57 Chevy. Sexy as hell. I could follow that rear end around all day long.

This Old Car is Way Low and Way Cool from Wacol, Queensland


Es genial. Debería ir más bajo!

57 Chevy – It Was A Dark And Stormy Night…


“It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out! A door slammed. The maid screamed. Suddenly, a 57 Chevy appeared on the horizon! While millions of people were starving, the king lived in luxury. Meanwhile, on a small farm in Kansas, a boy was growing up…”

Paraphased by Charles M. Schultz

1955 Chevy


Spotted at the mechanics. Just in for a quick tune up. Otherwise purring like a pussycat. However, apparently this isn’t a patch on the owners 1930’s beast. If you know who owns this and can get some more info on this and his other car, we’d love to hear from you.

Vintage Chevy Auction


An amazing story of a mad collector of old cars; which are now up for sale  –

1957 Chevy – Moonlight


This belongs to Garry. I spotted this car and just about crashed into another parked car as I was driving past. It’s a beautiful piece of work. Garry, any time you think you need to give the car to someone who will love it more than their own family, just let me know!


Burnt Orange 56 (not 55!) Chev


Location: Westgate Freeway, Melbourne

Spotter: Miss O

Standing out in a crowd. And as spotted by long time old car spotter, Ian, it’s one year younger than previously thought.


57 Chevy Wagon

Australian Street Rod Nationals 2013carshowchevrolet57wagon

Camaro – Ratrod style








American Motoring Show 2013carshowcamarotwotone

57 Chev

American Motoring Show 2013


This one, apparently, wasn’t good enough for the show; and was relegated to the carpark. Couldn’t fault it, myself.

Chevy Red Hire – What A Sensation



Spotter: Fuzzy

Location: Melbourne

These two 57 Chevy’s were immaculate in every which way. The ANOCSC raises a glass to Chevy Red Hire ( for keeping these beauties in such pristine condition… and, most importantly, driving them!



We’re loving the classic pillarless look