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More Front Than Myers – 1971 Camaro Z28


“Get outta the way! I’m comin’ through.” More front than Myers on this Second Gen Camaro Z28. The green pea next to it is shaking in fear. Showing off a grill like that, you may not be popular, but you’ll always be noticed.

49 Chevy – Attitude In Spades


Don’t even think about parking your Yaris here. It will end up with a flat tyre and a broken headlight.

A Chevy Wagon In It’s Rightful Place


The sleek and stylish Chevy Wagon is sitting in it’s rightful place in the world. The plastic, white, bubble-box  is rightfully parked behind… breathing GM exhaust… in a No Standing zone… right where it belongs.

1960 Chevy Belair – Baking In The QLD Sunshine


Fernvale QLD, the place where all old cars go to be restored, was hosting this 1960 Chevy Belair.  Eagle-eyed ANOCSC spotter Darren had to sneak around the back of the Fernvale bakery to get this snapshot of the Chev baking in the glorious QLD sunshine.

Chevrolet Corvette – The Only Way To Brunch In Malvern


Like Strawberries and Cream, this is the sweetest of cars to drive to your Saturday morning brunch.


A grille that can gets its teeth into you

Haulin’ Bricks? You Need This 55 Chevy Truck


You can get haulin’ bricks. You can get it driving a really old truck. Matter of fact, I got it now. A big heavy load needs big blue truck and the best blue truck is this 55 Chevy Truck.

ANOCSC Sponsored Basketball Tournament in the 56 Chevy


The ANOCSC kids had to get to Morwell for a basketball tournament and what better way to get them there than in a smashing 56 Chevy. A quick paint job to match the team colours and it was off up the Gippsland highway with a boot full of baggy shorts, singlets and water bottles. A great weekend had by all – even though there was no addition for the ANOCSC trophy cabinet.




Chevy Truck – Hey Ma, Just Goin’ Out For Supplies


Perfect – right down to the cross ply tires.

57 Chevy – Deserves The Full Spa Treatment


Spotted this 57 Chevy in Daylesford, Victoria when the ANOCSC crew popped out for a quick spa and massage.

Chevy Biscayne – So Much To Take In

The devil really is in the details of this Biscayne

The devil really is in the details of this Biscayne

Chevy Biscayne. So low. So wide. So low. So much chrome. So low. So much to love.

57 Chevy


57 Chevy. Sexy as hell.

57 Chevy. Sexy as hell. I could follow that rear end around all day long.

This Old Car is Way Low and Way Cool from Wacol, Queensland


Es genial. Debería ir más bajo!