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Chevy Ute 3100 Pinstriping

The Chevy Ute You Need To Own

And it’s for sale!

65 Chevy Impala By Half A Length


Yankee steel muscling its way to its rightful position at the front of the pack. Actually, the plastic stalled at the lights… but that’s not what the picture shows!

Hmmm, Today Do I feel Vintage (with or without roof), Old Skool Holden or Rockin’ Customline?

So many choices. So many options within those choices. So happy to have this conundrum.

Chevy 3100 Truck


The ANOCSC Crew Friday Night Outing to see Rodney Rude live ended on a perfect note when we spotted this Chevy 3100 in the carpark.

Song Sung Blue…


Song sung blue, everybody wants one
Song sung blue, Chevy gets to grow one…

Ok – we struggled with this one. Very nice car though – we had to put it up!

Feeling So Gangsta – Dammit, Where Did I Leave My Violin Case???


Wherever you go in this sled, people would be ducking for cover; waiting for the machine gun barrels to poke out the window.

Chev’s Auto Repairs – Just Fixin’ Up A Couple Of Old Bombs!


An everyday sight in the impeccably clean workshop that is Chev’s Auto Repairs ( We’d all like to say “Gee that looks like my garage!”; but unfortunately for us (not so unfortunate for Chev), that statement doesn’t even come close. In fact, we’re pretty sure that most of our garages only have two hydraulic car lifts. Three is just showing off!!

Camaro: A Small Vicious Animal That Eats Mustangs


This Camaro is heading out for the hunt. As you can see, it is hungry and has a nasty look in it’s eye. It keeps itself low to the ground to maximise speed and minimise the chances of being spotted by its unfortunate prey. A Camaro is completely at home blazing down an open road with nothing but dusty plains and tumbleweeds for company.  Keep one eye open for this vicious little animal – particularly if you happen to be it’s favourite meal… a Mustang.

Phillip Island – Where The Cool Cars Go To Retire


Renown for its retirees, you can always be sure of spotting some amazing old cars whilst on Phillip Island in Victoria. These two were chewing the fat and watching the crowds in San Remo.

49 Chevy – Texaco Signwriting

49 Chevy Texaco Signwriting

Toyota’s Latest Throwback Car – A 49 Chevy


Toyota’s latest secret has now been exposed. Spotted outside a regional Toyota office. The wrappers came off and the ANOCSC were there to get the first photo. What a scoop!!