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Honda photo bombed by Buick

Some old cars just can’t help themselves and have to be in every damn photo. It’s just like a Buick to go and ruin a photo of a lovely new Honda…

Buick Mackane Will Ya Be My ’54?


T Rex: “Just a sexual glider”

Get your big hair on!

Could Be Our New Favourite Car – Buick Special 1958


ANOCSC spotter Melissa was only able to get a couple of shots of this car whilst it was tearing along a Queensland highway – but it was enough to get everyone here at the ANOCSC offices very excited.  We don’t see many 58 Buicks on the road and they are an impressive sight. Well spotted Melissa; keep up the good work!


The last sighting as it roared off into the distance.

1960 Buick Le Sabre – Saturday Night Los Angeles



1957 Buick Out Cruisin’


Whilst regular ANOCSC commenter Ry was trying to get a photo of his door handle in the rear view mirror, a 57 Buick went rumbling past causing Ry to almost drop his phone on to the road and into the following traffic. That would have been a disaster as we wouldn’t have witnessed this rockin’ 57 Buick! It’s low, it’s got pinstripes, it’s black and orange, it’s got white walls, it’s got a rat sticker and it’s a coupe. Dream car wish list ticked off.

Buick Road Master Estate – Which Decade?


Which decade was this Buick Road Master Estate manufactured – 70s, 80s or 90s?

And which decade should it belong to?

Buick Eight – Stephen King Got It So Right

This was just off the boat from the US. Untouched and it would be great to leave it as is.

This was just off the boat from the US. Untouched and it would be great to leave it as is.


1965 Buick LeSabre


Low and Wide. Way Cool.

Buick 54


Spotter: Petra

Location: Glen Iris, Victoria

Old Skool Kool

Buick Riviera


Melbourne, March 2012
Spotter: Kelly

Spotted on the side of the road while traveling on her husband’s shoulders.  Our intrepid spotter had to balance uneasily to take this shot.  Well worth it.  Obviously not a native to our shores, but sure to have a nice vinyl smell inside on a hot day anyway.  And for that we love the Buick.

Buick Century


Woolies, Ashburton, April 2012
Spotter: Pedro

Even Rockabilly Rebels need to go to the supermarket.