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A Little Slice Of Heaven


Intrepid ANOCSC spotter Olive, surreptitiously followed this  E-Type Jag into it’s garage. She went and found a little slice of heaven.



Ford Mustang with Bullitt rego – Restored



Austin Healy – Restored

1957 Austin Healy


Spotter: Aaron

Location: Glen Waverley

The first thing that Ishmael from the ANOCSC mail room yelled, when the South Eastern Melbourne region ANOCSC scout presented this image to the website development team, was “Looks like one of them new Mini’s”. I must say, I have to agree with him.

Burbling through the burbs in Ashburton

Spotter: Murdo

Location: Fruit Market

Argch wee bairn, just the thing for a trip to pick up the messages.

Mould Never Sleeps


Spotter(s): Bill and Ben

Location: Under a flower pot

Austin Ute. On the road. Registered.

Complete with garden bed growing on the bonnet… roof… doors… everywhere actually…  Or possibly a science experiment. You choose.

“Mould never sleeps” was not the title of Neil Young’s 1979 masterpiece for good reason.  Here is the song with ANOCSC members playing the instruments back in the day…