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Girls weekend away – Leyland P76

The ANOCSC office girls decided they needed to spend a weekend in Healesville. They backed the Leyland out of the garage and hit the road. It was all about massages, spas, far too many varieties of gin and cruising the streets of the Yarra Valley in a wicked P76.

Signwriting – 55 Chevy Truck

Leaping lizards…!!!

The impala (/ɪmˈpɑːlə, –ˈpælə/Aepyceros melampus) is a medium-sized muscle car found in eastern and southern America. The sole member of the genus Aepyceros, it was first described to European audiences by German autologist Hinrich Lichtenstein in 1812. Two subspecies are recognised—the common impala, and the larger and darker black-grill impala. The impala reaches 70–92 centimetres (28–36 inches) at the shoulder and weighs 40–76 kg (88–168 lb). It features a glossy, reddish brown coat. The male’s slender, lyre-shaped horns are 45–92 centimetres (18–36 inches) long.

Active mainly during the day, the impala may be gregarious or territorial depending upon the climate and geography. Three distinct social groups can be observed: the territorial males, bachelor herds and female herds. The impala is known for two characteristic leaps that constitute an anti-predator strategy. Browsers as well as grazers, impala feed on monocots, dicots, forbs, fruits and acacia pods (whenever available). An annual, three-week-long rut takes place toward the end of the wet season, typically in May. Rutting males fight over dominance, and the victorious male courts female in oestrus. Gestation lasts six to seven months, following which a single calf is born and immediately concealed in cover. Calves are suckled for four to six months; young males—forced out of the all-female groups—join bachelor herds, while females may stay back.

Right up in ya grill….

So cool you can pull up outside the funkiest cafe in Melbourne and when the hipster barista runs out with your coffee you tell him “Just hold on a sec. The engine hasn’t reached the perfect idling temperature to drink this coffee at yet!”

Lancia Beta Coupe 2.0 – Not surprising it was a beta product!

Our ANOCSC spotter who snapped this Lancia summed it up beautifully, “…it’s so ugly…!!!

Holden HR 186 Badge

So much more than just a panelvan…

Spotted in Queensland. This is the old car that just keeps on giving!

It’s more than just a panelvan – it’s one and a half panelvans!

It’s more than just a Sandman – it’s one and a half Sandmans!

It’s more than just a coffee cart – It’s a Sandman Panelvan with a Sandman trailer that has a real coffee machine in it!

This is the totally portable ANOCSC office with mags!

And it’s got a surfboard on top… #nothingmoretosay

Zeke’s 55 Chevy Truck

The ANOCSC Crew spent the Victorian Labour Day weekend cruising around Gippsland. Spotting this 55 Chevy Truck in Yarragon was an absolute highlight. The truck was immaculate; with some amazing signwriting on the tray. Thanks Zeke for the eye candy – we really appreciated it.

Morris Commercial – When having any old car just isn’t enough

When you need to really stand out in the crowd… or you just need to make a delivery with more style and pizazz than George Clooney in Oceans 11

A sausage in bread, some hardware from Bunnings and a set of wheels to get there

A quick show of hands around the ANOCSC office proved that 17 out of 20 people agree that the only way to get your weekly Bunnings sausage (and apparently we needed some tap washers) is in a Thunderbird that looks like this. The other three people in the office at the time were GM fans and grudgingly agreed that if a 55 Cadillac  wasn’t available, then this would be an adequate replacement.

Who ya gunna call? The ANOCSC crew, that’s who!

After months of hibernation over the summer months, the ANOCSC crew saw this car in Hervey Bay and knew it was time to get spotting again. The question of who to call was made; and the ANOCSC crew responded accordingly.

Chevy Ute 3100 Pinstriping