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Chevy Ute 3100 Badge

Australian National Old Covfefe Spotters Club

It’s official. The Trump Presidential car is a 57 Chev Covfefe

This Russian built car (the only Chev to be built in Russia) features all the safety requirements a President could need – despite all the negative press it received:

  • Fake news proof windows that completely block out any news that is not considered to be worthy;
  • A special seat just for Sean Spicer; and
  • Twitter bomb proof undercarriage to protect the President from any rear attacks from those petty enough to pick up on late night typos.


Chev Ute 3100 Bonnet Badge

Badge – Chevy 3100


Badge – 1972 Chevelle Grill


Badge – Chevy Van


There’s Badges We Post And Then There’s This One


Not to be outdone by our ridiculous number of posts of badges, Darren gives us this.  We are so devastated he kicked our ass with this one post – damn this amazing Chevy badge!

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ANOCSC Has Gone Badge Mad!

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Badge – Belair 57 Chev


Badge – Chevy Wheel Cover


Badge – Chev