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Badge – Ford Thunderbird

Badge – Morris Commercial Grill

Badge – Ford Thunderbird

Holden HR 186 Badge

Badge – HR Holden

Badge – Ford Thunderbird

Ford Galaxie Badge

Ford Galaxie Boot Badge

Chevy Ute 3100 Badge

Ford Galaxie Bonnet Badge

Australian National Old Covfefe Spotters Club

It’s official. The Trump Presidential car is a 57 Chev Covfefe

This Russian built car (the only Chev to be built in Russia) features all the safety requirements a President could need – despite all the negative press it received:

  • Fake news proof windows that completely block out any news that is not considered to be worthy;
  • A special seat just for Sean Spicer; and
  • Twitter bomb proof undercarriage to protect the President from any rear attacks from those petty enough to pick up on late night typos.


Chev Ute 3100 Bonnet Badge