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Lincoln Cartel-Mobile

Spotted in Springvale. I would have gone in for a better shot but I was too scared of the Holy Santos members inside. The front shocks were ‘bounce’ enabled.

Plymouth – 1928


Spotter: Johnny

Location: Springvale

What a lovely day to do a spot of banking. Let’s take the motor!

Horse Drawn Kombi


Spotter: Tim

Location: Australian National Horse Drawn Car Spotters Club website

Ok, I’ll be the one to say it – a 1HP Kombi…

1923 BSA Motorbike


Spotter: Darren

Location: Fernvale (where all the cars and bikes retire to)

Raked back handlebars and a big horn – what more could you ask for on a motorbike that looks this good?

Studebaker Silverhawk – All Style and Class… in Princetown


Spotter: Fuzzy

Location: Princetown, Victoria

A classy piece of work. Just out for a spin past the 12 Apostles.