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“L” is for LoveWagon

The Australiana Aspect, April 2012
Spotter: Aaron

Great to see our young folk getting into the 70’s panelvans. Although, with the L plates, one has to wonder what’s being learned in the back of this van!

XM Falcon 1964

Hawthorn, April 2012
Spotter: Astrid

Precocious Porsche 356 just would not get out of the way – typical – always wanting to overshadow our home grown treasures…

Expert spotter technique employed here. Our upcoming “Spotting in urban areas” course will take you through techniques employed here.


The Golden Fleece tells the myth of the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts to retrieve the much sought after Golden Fleece from the mythical land of Colchis.

In Australian mythology, the Golden Fleece was the much sought after rest-break found alongside the roadways of country towns.  It appears that Jason and his Argonauts were the last patrons of this particular Golden Fleece.

1968 Le Renault 10

Black Rock, April 2012
Spotter: Skip

Another Renault! It amazing how many ANOCSC members have spotted over the last few weeks. This one is a 10… well that is its model designation. While the rest of the world tried to reduce front overhang the French added length…

I don’t really like croissants, but driving a French car will possibly make you more interesting and popular:

VeeDub in Tassie

Somewhere in Tassie, March 2012
Spotter: Robbie Mac

Robbie Mac was on a trip to Tassie on official ANOCSC business when he spotted this beauty out of the corner of his eye. Always the professional spotter he clambered into the back seat of his chauffeur driven town car and whipped off a few shots and this was the result. Perfect spotting – with dramatic movement and placement outside a petrol station. Thank you Rob.

Valiant Charger RT

“Hey Charger” – youtu.be/50BJ9dTBGBw

Ratrod Valiant Stationwagon

Oakleigh, March 2012
Spotter: Aaron

I managed to sqeeze my camera lens between two non-descript cars to get this elaborate ratrod styled Valiant stationwagon. The tailgate had the most authentic rusted out look I’ve seen in long time.

Thunderbird and Valiant

Spotter: Aaron

Nice pair of cars – but I’m actually wondering if they’re a hologram – they haven’t moved from this spot in about two years.

WB Panelvan with signwriting

Ashburton Mar 2012
Spotter: Robbie

A favourite of the ANOCSC. Fantastic example of early 1980’s sign writing. Note the period perfect alterations to the phone number on the drivers door – also the circular “aquarius” sticker between the drivers door and side window – and faded white and green number plates. The aerial has a fantastic rake to it. All perfect period details.

S Series Valiant

Westgate Freeway, March 2012
Spotter: Robbie

To say I was excited when I spotted these horizontal fins was an understatement. I knew the car but had to refer back to the ANOCSC record books for this one. The ANOCSC thought that we had lost this particular vehicle to the onward marching machine of time. Last spotted in Preston in October 2003 – now resurfaced on its way to Spotswood. Obviously a new owner – oh the stories we have missed out on here at the ANOCSC. That big slant six doing its thing and still powering along agains the odds.

XW Stationwagon

Feb 2012
Spotter: Peter

Like a mirage, this long cool drink of water turned up one day parked under a palm tree. Standard height, venetians and wind deflector.