1975 VW Beetle Smashing The 1 in 20 Hill Ride


The ANOCSC crew celebrated Australia Day by getting out of the car and on to the deadly treadly. An early morning ride out to the Dandenongs, past the thousand steps, up and over the Devil’s elbow (mind the vicious leeches!), through leafy Tremont and up into Sassafras. We regrouped in Sassafras and then screamed back down the Mountain Highway (aka The 1 in 20) into The Basin. What a rush! On a dry day, it’s a great downhill to negotiate: there’s other riders (going both up and down); cars; motorbikes; dogs; nasty leeches; people; dirt patches; stones; you name it, it’s got it. It is a very exciting descent! Whilst consuming a well deserved cappuccino at our favourite coffee shop in The Basin, this 1975 VW Beetle smashed out a couple of very impressive hill runs by shooting up to Sassafras and back again without breaking a sweat. It had a bike in the back seat and it’s owner hanging on to the handlebars for dear life. A great morning was had by all; with only a minor amount of blood lost (note for next ride to the Dandenongs: avoid leeches). The ANOCSC social committee have already booked in  this event for Australia Day 2017.

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