Morris Commercial – When having any old car just isn’t enough

When you need to really stand out in the crowd… or you just need to make a delivery with more style and pizazz than George Clooney in Oceans 11

A sausage in bread, some hardware from Bunnings and a set of wheels to get there

A quick show of hands around the ANOCSC office proved that 17 out of 20 people agree that the only way to get your weekly Bunnings sausage (and apparently we needed some tap washers) is in a Thunderbird that looks like this. The other three people in the office at the time were GM fans and grudgingly agreed that if a 55 Cadillac  wasn’t available, then this would be an adequate replacement.

Badge – Ford Thunderbird

Who ya gunna call? The ANOCSC crew, that’s who!

After months of hibernation over the summer months, the ANOCSC crew saw this car in Hervey Bay and knew it was time to get spotting again. The question of who to call was made; and the ANOCSC crew responded accordingly.

Ford Galaxie Badge

Ford Galaxie Boot Badge

Honda photo bombed by Buick

Some old cars just can’t help themselves and have to be in every damn photo. It’s just like a Buick to go and ruin a photo of a lovely new Honda…

Chevy Ute 3100 Badge

Ford Galaxie Bonnet Badge

Brocky’s Torana – Smokin’

The only way to pick up the shopping… in Brocky’s Torrie. Somehow I don’t think you’d fit the week’s groceries in the boot.

Australian National Old Covfefe Spotters Club

It’s official. The Trump Presidential car is a 57 Chev Covfefe

This Russian built car (the only Chev to be built in Russia) features all the safety requirements a President could need – despite all the negative press it received:

  • Fake news proof windows that completely block out any news that is not considered to be worthy;
  • A special seat just for Sean Spicer; and
  • Twitter bomb proof undercarriage to protect the President from any rear attacks from those petty enough to pick up on late night typos.


Chev Ute 3100 Bonnet Badge